The new S410 Semi Rugged Notebook.
  • Ultrafast Connectivity.

    Ultrafast Connectivity to get your information to and from your computers at blazing fast speeds. With WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G LTE available, you can be connected 24/7 wherever you are.

  • Triple Pass-Through.

    Triple pass-through antenna ports allowing your workers to simultaneously connect to high-gain GPS, WWAN and WLAN without drop-offs.

  • BS1789 Certified.

    BS1789 certification that is Spec 5 compliant designed to ensure that equipment cannot harm crew and passengers in the event of a crash and specifies the requirements for the design, test methods, performance and equipping of road ambulances for the transport of sick or injured persons.

  • Sunlight Readable Display.

    Our QuadraClear solution combines proprietary technologies for both screen brightness and anti-reflectivity to reduce the sunlight's reflectivity and provide a better effective contrast rate than other displays, so you can clearly view the screen even while the sun is directly shining through the window.

  • Vehicle Ready.

    Vehicle docks with correct seat locking confirmation so you know the laptop will be securely held. By connecting the antennas, peripherals and power to the docking station, you can quickly dock the computer in and out as needed in any emergency.

  • Extreme Temperatures.

    Being able to work in any environment is critical. Through the selection of special components, thermal design, heating system and vertification testing we are able to keep the device operating in temperaturesas cold as -29ºC to a scorching 60 ºC.